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Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers with Microfluidics CFD 3/e Custom Version

지은이 :  Wilkes, Mott
발행일 :  2022 년
ISBN :  9789813137530
:  0 원
페이지 :  742 페이지
:  1
출판사 :  Pearson

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MATLAB 전산화학공학

저자 및 역자 소개
Part I: Macroscopic Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 1: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 2: Mass, Energy, and Momentum Balances
Chapter 3: Fluid Friction in Pipes
Chapter 4: Flow in Chemical Engineering Equipment

Part II: Microscopic Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 5: Differential Equations of Fluid Mechanics
Chapter 6: Solution of Viscous-Flow Problems
Chapter 7: Laplace’s Equation, Irrotational and Porous-Media Flows
Chapter 8: Boundary-Layer and Other Nearly Unidirectional Flows
Chapter 9: Turbulent Flow
Chapter 10: Bubble Motion, Two-Phase Flow, and Fluidization
Chapter 11: Series Pipeline Systems
Chapter 12: Parallel and Branching Pipeline Systems
Chapter 13: Pump Selection and Application
Chapter 14: Open-Channel Flow

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