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Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering 2/e

지은이 :  Fogler
발행일 :  2024
ISBN :  9789813350601
:  0 원
페이지 :  746 페이지
:  2
출판사 :  Pearson

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For 30 years, H. Scott Fogler's Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering has been the #1 selling text for courses in chemical reaction engineering. Now, in Essentials of Chemical Reaction Engineering, Second Edition, Fogler has distilled this classic into a modern, introductory-level guide specifically for undergraduates. This is the ideal resource for today's students: learners who demand instantaneous access to information and want to enjoy learning as they deepen their critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Fogler successfully integrates text, visuals, and computer simulations, and links theory to practice through many relevant examples.

This updated edition covers mole balances, conversion and reactor sizing, rate laws and stoichiometry, isothermal reactor design, rate data collection/analysis, multiple reactions, reaction mechanisms, pathways, bioreactions and bioreactors, catalysis, catalytic reactors, nonisothermal reactor designs, and more. Its multiple improvements include a new discussion of activation energy and a significantly revamped chapter on heat effects.

저자 및 역자 소개

Chapter 1: Mole Balances
Chapter 2: Conversion and Reactor Sizing
Chapter 3: Rate Laws
Chapter 4: Stoichiometry
Chapter 5: Isothermal Reactor Design: Conversion
Chapter 6: Isothermal Reactor Design: Moles and Molar Flow Rates
Chapter 7: Collection and Analysis of Rate Data
Chapter 8: Multiple Reactions
Chapter 9: Reaction Mechanisms, Pathways, Bioreactions, and Bioreactors
Chapter 10: Catalysis and Catalytic Reactors
Chapter 11: Nonisothermal Reactor Design-The Steady-State Energy Balance and Adiabatic PFR Applications
Chapter 12: 정상상태 비등온반응기 설계-열교환이 있는 흐름반응기
Chapter 13: 비정상상태 비등온반응기 설계