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Bioprocess Engineering 2/e

지은이 :  Shuler
발행일 :  2014
ISBN :  9781292025995
:  0 원
페이지 :  540 페이지
:  2
출판사 :  Pearson

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Defects in Solids
스미스의 화학공정설계 2판


For Senior-level and graduate courses in Biochemical Engineering, and for programs in Agricultural and Biological Engineering or Bioengineering.

This concise yet comprehensive text introduces the essential concepts of bioprocessing?internal structure and functions of different types of microorganisms, major metabolic pathways, enzymes, microbial genetics, kinetics and stoichiometry of growth and product information?to traditional chemical engineers and those in related disciplines. It explores the engineering principles necessary for bioprocess synthesis and design, and illustrates the application of these principles to modern biotechnology for production of pharmaceuticals and biologics, solution of environmental problems, production of commodities, and medical applications.
저자 및 역자 소개

1. What is a Bioprocess Engineer?
2. An Overview of Biological Basics.
3. Enzymes.
4. How Cells Work.
5. Major Metabolic Pathways.
6. How Cells Grow.
7. Stoichiometry of Microbial Growth and Product Formation.
8. How Cellular Information is Altered.
9. Operating Considerations for Bioreactors for Suspension and Immobilized Cultures.
10. Selection, Scale-Up, Operation, and Control of Bioreactors.
11. Recovery and Purification of Products.
12. Bioprocess Considerations in Using Animal Cell Cultures.
13. Bioprocess Considerations in Using Plant Cell Cultures.
14. Utilizing Genetically Engineered Organisms.
15. Medical Applications of Bioprocess Engineering.
16. Mixed Cultures.
17. Epilogue.