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Introduction to Chemical Engineering: Tools for Today and Tomorrow 5/e

지은이 :  Solen
발행일 :  2010
ISBN :  9780470885727
:  0 원
페이지 :  256 페이지
:  5
출판사 :  Wiley

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Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook 9/e
Introduction to Biochemical Engineering


Students will be led step-by-step through a chemical engineering project that illustrates important aspects of the discipline and how they are connected. At each step, they will be presented with a new aspect of chemical engineering and have the opportunity to use what they have learned to solve engineering problems and make engineering decisions. The overview of chemical engineering presented in Introduction to Chemical Engineering: Tools for Today and Tomorrow, 1st Edition helps rstudents to form a conceptual “skeleton” of the discipline. It has an increased focus on contemporary applications of chemical engineering. Brief statements about the leadership role of chemical engineering have been added regarding the many challenges that come with it. Discussions have been added to the end of most chapters providing examples of how topics in the chapter are applied to current problems of society to help motivate student study of the topics.
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CHAPTER 1 What Is Chemical Engineering?
CHAPTER 2 The Role of Chemical Processing
CHAPTER 3 Solving Engineering Problems (What Shall We Do?)
CHAPTER 4 Describing Physical Quantities
CHAPTER 5 Material Balances (How Much Base Do We Need?)
CHAPTER 6 Spreadsheets (Calculating the Cost of the Base)
CHAPTER 7 Fluid Flow (Bringing the Base to the Acid)
CHAPTER 8 Mass Transfer (Mixing the Acid and the Base)
CHAPTER 9 Reaction Engineering (What Size Reactor?)
CHAPTER 10 Heat Transfer (Cooling Down the Product)
CHAPTER 11 Materials (An Important Equipment Feature)
CHAPTER 12 Controlling the Process
CHAPTER 13 Economics (Is It All Worth ItT?)
CHAPTER 14 Case Studies (Integrating It All Together)